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More Productive Than Raising Children
More Productive Than Raising Children

Dr. Laura...

When I was teaching middle school, I assigned my 8th graders a 'commentary' warm up -- basically asking them for their reactions to news items of the day.

One particularly hot topic at the time was an “op-ed” article entitled “Why Are All the Type A Women Becoming Moms?” [or words to that effect].  The writer of the article felt women should focus their energy on more “productive” aspects of life, that is, something more productive than raising children. [Imagine that!]

It angered and horrified me. I thought, no wonder kids today have "issues!” But I insisted the students write THEIR ideas. Imagine my surprise and joy when a group of my students responded, "Well, wasn't the women's movement supposed to be about the freedom to make all kind of choices? Why would a writer think raising kids isn't as important as sitting in an office or cubicle?"

Imagine the pride I felt when their response to the article was published in the letters section of our paper!

Thank you for supporting motherhood.


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