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Rachel needs to be reminded how change happens...
July 28, 2014
Rachel has been struggling with some problems. She thought her "warrior" strength would get her through them, but she has hit a setback. How can she progress again?
Michelle survived. Now how can she thrive?
July 24, 2014
Despite a dour diagnosis, Michelle beat the odds and kicked cancer's butt. But even though she has recovered physically, her mind still has some healing to do.
Shawn's wife has got him by the short hairs...
July 23, 2014
Shawn's wife is an overbearing, browbeating bully. How can Shawn grow a pair and start standing up for himself?
Denise knows her fiance is a pig, so why won't she dump him?
July 22, 2014
During a recent camping trip, Denise witnessed her fiance going gaga over his son's 19-year-old girlfriend. And even though it seems like a no-brainer for Denise to call off the wedding, something is holding her back...
Does Susan have the courage to admit she was wrong and move on?
July 21, 2014
A year and a half into a rigorous nursing program, Susan feels like she's in over her head. Should she cut her losses or try to stick it out?
Is Darrin dating the wrong woman?
July 18, 2014
Darrin's girlfriend of two years disapproves of him going to motorcycle events because she's convinced that his heart will wander while he's away. Now Darrin must choose - his passion or the girl...
Sarah's son doesn't like the guy she's dating...
July 17, 2014
Recently divorced, Sarah has started fooling around with a family friend, much to the displeasure of her teenage son. Should she break it off?
Linda can't say goodbye to her dad...
July 16, 2014
With her father nearing the end of his life, Linda can't even begin to fathom how she's going to carry on without his wisdom and encouragement. How can Linda make the most of the time they have left together?
A traumatic experience in Jackie's past is the root of her current fears...
July 15, 2014
When Jackie was 4 years old, she heard the screams of a child who had been left alone in a hot, locked car. What happened next still haunts her to this day...
Natalie can't move past her husband's affair...
July 14, 2014
After over a decade of being neglected, Natalie's husband turned to another woman. Can Natalie steer this sinking ship back to shore before all is lost?
Should Nicole confront her parents with the damage they've done to her?
July 11, 2014
Nicole wrote a letter to her parents detailing why her childhood is the root of her depression. But now she's having second thoughts about sending it...
Renee must choose between pleasing her father and protecting her kids...
July 10, 2014
Renee fooled herself into thinking her dad had changed, but it turns out he's just as volatile as ever (even towards Renee's kids!). It's time for Renee to stop being Daddy's little girl and start acting like a mother.
Should Savannah meet her bio dad?
July 08, 2014
Savannah wants to contact the guy her mother had a quickie with at nineteen. Good idea or bad idea? Dr. Laura weighs in.
How can Michelle start being a better wife?
July 07, 2014
After 17 years of marriage and three kids, Michelle finally realizes that she hasn't been treating her husband the way a wife should. What can she do to make up for lost time?
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