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Should Krystal get out of her marriage or give it another chance?
May 26, 2016
Coming off a divorce, Krystal rushed into her next marriage without really knowing her husband. Now she regrets it...
Jessie struggles to let her headstrong daughter go...
May 25, 2016
Fed up with her parents' rules, Jessie's 17-year-old proclaimed that she's leaving when she turns 18. However, Jessie worries about her trying to make it on her own. How can Mom stay strong?
How can Susan deal with her husband's lofty expectations?
May 24, 2016
Susan's husband acts like a crazed drill sergeant when it comes to their kids' grades. How can she get him to lighten up?
What should Teresa say to those who disagree with her choice?
May 23, 2016
Teresa's parents and in-laws are both pressuring her to go back to work. How can she get them off her back?
Ann is upset with her oldest son for cutting off his brother...
May 20, 2016
Even though Ann's oldest son has had enough with his addict brother, Mom doesn't want to give up on him. How can Ann learn to let go?
Audrey doesn't love her stepson...
May 19, 2016
Audrey has two stepkids, but she only feels a connection with one of them. Why does she act so cold?
Should Maggie keep working on her marriage?
May 18, 2016
Maggie's husband says he wants their marriage to work, but Maggie isn't so sure it can. Has their relationship past the point of no return?
Should Myra take her husband back?
May 17, 2016
Myra's lack of respect for her husband caused them to split twice. Now she's contemplating getting back together. Is she making the wrong choice?
Should Joanne boycott her mother-in-law's surprise party?
May 16, 2016
Joanne still harbors ill will towards her mother-in-law for excluding her kids at a family event. Should she hold her ground or let it go?
Kristy hasn't been the same since her dad died...
May 13, 2016
Without her dad in her life, Kristy has become very angry, snapping at anyone and everyone who crosses her. How can she find a better way to deal with her pain?
Should Lynn tell her husband that she's been flirting with someone else?
May 12, 2016
Even though nothing physical has happened, Lynn realizes she has crossed the line with a guy at work. The question is, should she come clean to her husband?
What should Megan do about her talking-back teen?
May 11, 2016
Megan is tired of her 16-year-old giving her attitude. However, he's sick of his parents always being on his case. Should Megan listen to him?
How can Rachel stay strong for her son?
May 10, 2016
Counting down the days until her son's deployment, Rachel feels like a nervous wreck. Is there anything she can do to make the waiting game less painful?
Allie struggles to make a hard choice...
May 06, 2016
Because Allie's daughter died while undergoing chemo, Allie can't bring herself to get the treatment she desperately needs. How can she leap over this mental hurdle?
How can Rachel stay strong for her son
May 06, 2016
Because Allie's daughter died while undergoing chemo, Allie can't bring herself to get the treatment she desperately needs. How can she leap over this mental hurdle?
Will Beatrice finally leave her abusive husband for good?
May 05, 2016
Beatrice knows she's in a bad marriage. However, she'd rather be abused than be alone. How can she muster the strength to get out once and for all?
Ann no longer feels like having sex with her husband...
May 04, 2016
Ann's lack of physical intimacy is starting to take a toll on her husband. How can she make him feel wanted again?
Should Rebecca be upset at her husband for keeping a secret from her?
May 03, 2016
Rebecca's husband lied to her about a medical procedure he has scheduled. Hurt and angry, Rebecca wonders how she should respond.
Should Jennifer cut her parents out of her life?
May 02, 2016
Jennifer knows her toxic relationship with her parents is bringing down the quality of her life. Yet, she struggles to let them go...
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