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Does Debbie have a right to be upset with her fiance?
August 28, 2015
Before they were engaged, Debbie and her fiancé talked about moving to a different part of the country. But now that his dad is sick, Debbie's fiancé wants to stay put. Should Debbie be mad at him for going back on his word?
Lisa talked to the other woman...
August 27, 2015
Lisa took Dr. Laura's advice and reached out to the woman her husband was calling and texting. The question is, did it work?
Is Elizabeth being insensitive, or is her husband, Armando, just insecure?
August 26, 2015
Armando feels uncomfortable and hurt whenever his wife, Elizabeth, brings up her ex-boyfriend. Does Elizabeth owe her husband an apology, or does Armando need to stop being so sensitive?
Samantha worries about becoming a stay-at-home mom...
August 25, 2015
Samantha would love to stay home with her baby, but she doesn't know if her husband can support their family on his own. Should she trust him to provide and protect?
Should Alison allow her mom back in her life?
August 24, 2015
When Alison's mom openly insulted her husband for being a stay-at-home dad, Alison cut off contact. Now her mom is reaching out to her. Should Alison give her another chance?
How can Lindsey change before she ruins another relationship?
August 21, 2015
Growing up, Lindsey was spoiled rotten and as a result, she has turned into a bratty adult. What can she do to adjust her attitude before she ruins yet another good relationship?
How can Sarah fix her daughter's bad attitude?
August 20, 2015
Sarah's 10-year-old is out of control. However, the harder Sarah tries to get her in line, the worse her daughter acts. What is Mom doing wrong?
Pam would rather keep herself in the dark than face a potentially horrible truth...
August 19, 2015
Pam has been putting off her cancer scan because she fears what the results might reveal. How can she brace herself for the unknown?
How can Linda conquer her fear?
August 18, 2015
Linda worries that a man will sneak into her house at night and attack her. Where does this anxiety come from, and how can she deal with it?
Debbie is afraid to take on an educational challenge...
August 17, 2015
Now that her kids are older, Debbie wants to make use of her newfound free time and go back to school. However, fear and anxiety have gotten the better of her. How can Debbie overcome this mental hurdle?
Should Courtney take some initiative or have faith in her husband?
August 14, 2015
Courtney worries about her husband's ability to support their family as the primary breadwinner. With future kids to think about, Courtney wonders if she should go back to school or let her husband step up to the plate...
What can Linda do about her survivor's guilt?
August 13, 2015
As a cancer survivor, Linda feels lucky to be alive. However, she can't stand people telling her that she's a fighter when so many others, including her best friend, battled just as hard and weren't so fortunate. How can Linda cope with her complicated mix of emotions?
How can Sarah and Mike stop fighting over who's right?
August 12, 2015
Even though her husband, Mike, is usually right, Sarah wishes he didn't act like such a know-it-all and would listen to her every once in a while. What must she do to get through to him?
Should Cordella confront her sister-in-law?
August 11, 2015
Cordella's sister-in-law emasculates and belittles Cordella's brother in front of everyone. Is it time for Cordella to give her a taste of her own medicine?
Does Kara-Linda need to give her baby birds a shove?
August 10, 2015
Kara-Linda has three adult kids living at home. She wants them out but fears what might happen. Will they make it on their own? And even worse, will they hate her?
Linda can't stop reliving the horror of her childhood...
August 07, 2015
After being raped and molested for 11 years of her childhood, Linda has mental scars that won't seem to heal. How can she put her traumatic past behind her?
Denise feels like she's the only one putting effort into her friendships...
August 06, 2015
Denise has done all she can to stay connected with her two girlfriends, but they never seem to reciprocate. Should she be upset with them?
Tina knows her husband isn't going to change. So why does she keep trying to fix him?
August 05, 2015
Tina's husband has only become more insecure and in need of validation as their marriage has gone on. However, Tina refuses to face the truth, hanging on to the hope that she can make him see the light.
Thelma needs a reason to get out of bed in the morning...
August 04, 2015
Doctors have done test after test and yet, Thelma still doesn't know what's wrong with her. How can Thelma keep going when she feels so hopeless and helpless?
Jill followed Dr. Laura's advice, and now her son is a real man...
August 03, 2015
When Jill's son was rejected by a school a year ago, her friends on the school board said they could use their influence to get him accepted. However, after talking with Dr. Laura, Jill decided she wanted her son to earn his spot. Boy, did it pay off...
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