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Why is Rachel afraid to say no to bad guys?
April 18, 2014
Ever since Rachel was raped last year, she has been full of anger. The problem is, she's directing it at the wrong person...
Why does Coraleigh allow herself to be treated like trash?
April 17, 2014
Coraleigh is seeing a guy who only comes over to drop his pants. The question is, why does she put up with this sleazoid?
Judy knows she's being cheated on but isn't doing anything about it...
April 16, 2014
Judy discovered her husband's relationship with another woman over a year ago. So what's stopping her from leaving? Denial with a capital "D"...
Mary is acting, not living...
April 15, 2014
Ever since she was a little girl, Mary has taken the phrase "giving the performance of a lifetime" literally, putting on a show for others instead of being herself. How can Mary finally pull the curtain on these theatrics?
Allison has a bad habit of being critical of others...
April 14, 2014
Allison learned from her mother to point out others' flaws and be quick to jump to judgments. How can she stop being such a nitpicking Negative Nancy?
How can Amy end one friendship while keeping another?
April 11, 2014
Amy wants to have nothing to do with her former friend after finding out that she tried to seduce Amy's husband. The problem is, Amy would still like to be friends with the traitor's sister...
Mother and daughter, Anna and Josephene, call in to settle a score...
April 10, 2014
Anna called Dr. Laura because her daughter, Josephene, refuses to forgive her father. Hearing her mother's voice on the radio, Josephene decided to phone in to share her side of the story...
Should Noa stay with her boyfriend?
April 09, 2014
Even though she's only 24, Noa is chomping at the bit to get hitched. The problem is, marriage is the last thing on her boyfriend's mind...
Jessica contemplates cheating on her husband...
April 08, 2014
Even though Jessica loves her husband, she can't help but fantasize about having an affair with someone else. What can she do to get these thoughts out of her head?
Why does Kris keep going back to the same jerk?
April 07, 2014
Even though Kris' boyfriend has dumped her over a dozen times and broken off two engagements, she's willing to give him another chance. How can Kris break this toxic cycle for good?
Lou wants more out of life, but he doesn't know how to get it...
April 04, 2014
Lou isn't happy with how his life is going. He's tired of his unfulfilling job, he's sick of feeling jealous towards his brother, and he's fed up with his family bossing him around. What can Lou do to turn things around?
Monica has a crush on her friend...
April 03, 2014
With only a few weeks left in school, Monica finally worked up the courage to tell her friend that she likes him. The problem is, he's seeing someone else...
Misty's husband left her at a time when she needed him most...
April 02, 2014
Right in the middle of her cancer battle, Misty's husband decided he couldn't take their marriage anymore. And even though Misty has kicked cancer's butt, she still can't conquer her feelings of betrayal...
How can Sheila stop a past event from sabotaging her life?
April 01, 2014
While teaching a course on sexual assault, Sheila had her own memories of childhood abuse dredged up. How can she finally put these painful feelings to rest? (*Caution: strong language used)
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