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Get Yourself Together
Get Yourself Together

Dr. Laura:

I called you almost a year ago about a boyfriend who had parents who didn't accept me due to my ethnicity.  You told me to break up with him.  Somewhat in denial at first, I continued to date him.  He ended up moving out of the state, and asked me to go with him.  Your voice played in my head and I didn't go.  I realized you were right.  Not only would we never work out because of his parents, but also because he didn't have any of the values I stood for.

I moved in with my parents for 2 months after the break up to pull myself together.  I suffered, but during that time I learned that I was insecure and desperate while I was dating him, but most importantly, that I needed to stand my ground and stick up for my values.  I've become a lot stronger and more secure in myself because of you.  

So for the women and men listening who know they are with the wrong person, but are trying to convince themselves to stay, here is MY advice:  get some balls, suffer through it, deal with your insecurities and get yourself together!

I may not have always listened to your advice right away, Dr. Laura, but in this case I finally took it, and I will choose the right man when the time comes.  Until then, I'm busy with my hobbies and my life.  I know my value because of you.  You've made me a better woman.

A Listener Who Wishes to Remain Anonymous
Tags: Attitude, Behavior, Choose Wisely-Treat Kindly, Dating, Personal Responsibility, Values, Women's Point of View
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