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How to Defuse Your Emotions at Work
How to Defuse Your Emotions at Work

When most people get angry or frustrated at work, they either lose their temper or keep the rage bottled up at the expense of their blood pressure, heart rate, and stomach acid levels. Here are some tips to not let your anger get the best of you.

Don’t show it at work. Go to the bathroom, take a walk, or step out of the office to call someone you know you can talk to. Removing yourself from the situation can help you calm down, regain your objectivity, and avoid the unpleasant consequences of losing your cool in public.

Don’t overlook your anger.  When you’re out of the office, express out loud, “I am so angry that (fill in the blank).” Whatever you are upset about needs to be said out loud. Overlooking your anger is not physically or emotionally healthy.

If you need to confront someone, think it through. Evaluate the pros and cons, and ask yourself if the confrontation is justified or worth it. If it is, come up with a plan. Is this something you want to discuss with the person you’re having a problem with, your boss, HR, or an attorney?

If you decide to approach a coworker, employee, or supervisor, make sure you do it as though you were Mahatma Gandhi, and take on a demeanor of peace. People will be less likely to respond with anger if you approach them with peace. Also, put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Maybe they are having problems in their life or are feeling disrespected. If you show some interest in hearing the other person’s side, you can reduce the chances of things escalating.

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