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How to Find Your Ideal Girlfriend
How to Find Your Ideal Girlfriend
Kezia Noble

1. Recognize your own self-worth.
A woman of quality will not be interested in a man who is unaware of his own self-worth. This does not mean you have to take on an 'over confident' or 'self inflated' view of yourself. Recognizing your self-worth means possessing the ability to know exactly what your strengths are, and what areas of your character are unfulfilled bubbles of potential. If you can take on this mind set, you will find that women will respond to you a lot more positively.  A woman of quality want a man who is in the position to choose, not the man who is happy with what he can get.

2. Never be dependent on a woman for your own happiness.
You must always make sure your partner is never entirely responsible for your ultimate happiness. You need to convey the message that what ever happens, even if they decide to leave you or give you some sort of ultimatum, you will NEVER break or beg them to stay, because you know that your ultimate happiness is down to you and not dependent on other people. This will signify strength and confidence that again will serve to heighten attraction and increase the appreciation they have for you.

3.  Stop being a 'head nodder'.
When a woman states she wants a man who really listens to her, this does not mean she wants a man who just nods his head in agreement and bends his own reality in accordance with hers. What it really means, is she wants a man who PROVES he is really listening to her, not by sharing intense eye contact, but by responding to her with a challenge, an opinion or an alternative point of view. Listening does not always mean 'agreeing'. Women want men with opinions, controversial ideas and the ability to connect with them in a way that most men fail to do.

4.  Show your vulnerable side in moderation.
A woman wants want a man who can show glimpses into the softer side of his nature BUT NOT TOO MUCH.  A woman doesn't really want a man who is needy or dependent on her to fuel his confidence or support the fragile structure of his inner belief system. When a guy opens small windows that gives her a chance to peer inside the part of his personality that he hides from the rest of the world, it gives her a warm feeling that leaves her craving more. Women embark on a mini-crusades to reach out and explore the tender side of men.  Vulnerability is attractive, but only in small doses. Getting the balance right is a game changer.

5.  Showing a woman respect doesn't mean you have to be a push over.
There is a big difference between being a man who allows women to over shadow his own presence and principles and a man who treats a woman as an equal. A woman often faces men who think they 'know better' in specific areas just because they happen to be a man, so this results in raising alarm bells that indicate she is dealing with a misogynist, This a classic error men make when they are trying to establish their alpha position.  A man needs to take what a woman says seriously, and convey his understanding. This does not mean he should not challenger her or inspire her to take an alternative viewpoint, but it DOES mean he shouldn't belittle her.

Best-selling author, Kezia Noble, is the world’s leading dating expert for men. Using her passion for helping others and her ability to give men the direct and honest advice they need to hear, she has helped over 47,000 men from across the globe. Her no nonsense approach to dating and her love methods have earned the reputation for being “the woman who gets men results“ For more information visit www.kezia-noble.com. Permission granted for use on DrLaura.com.

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