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Jobless College Grad Sues Her School
IconA young, female graduate of Monroe College in the Bronx, New York, is suing the school for a total of $70,000 she contends is the amount she spent on getting a degree that promised her a job. I looked up Monroe College on the Internet, and this is what I read: "Whether preparing for a career or simply needing a part-time job, the Monroe College Office of Career Advancement provides expert advice and valuable services to help you.  Every student at Monroe College has a Career Advisor, who provides one-on-one assistance with career decision-making, resume and letter writing, and job search strategies.  The Office of Career Advancement helps with career assessment, resume writing, job search and strategy, employer recruitment and placement, interviewing skills, and other job search guidance.  Registering with E-recruiting allows you to view online job listings, post a resume to the database, and access additional web-based career resources." I don't see a promise or guarantee or money-back offer .  The college cannot guarantee against the world's financial issues.  Also, we don't know how well she did in her courses, or how aggressively she worked on getting a position, or how inventive and persistent she's been in trying to get herself situated.I wondered also if she weren't making a public spectacle in order to bully the college into giving her back her money, as she is heavily in debt and living with her single mother (who is also living on meager resources).  I don't know her motive first hand.  I just wonder.It's getting more and more annoying that more and more people figure they're entitled to things just because they want them.  That's an adolescent view (which consists only of a narcissistic perception of the world), and it's supposed to mature in one's twenties.I'm sorry she's in debt, but she made that choice.  I'm sorry she's having a hard time getting a job right now.  Maybe she has to choose something to do which has nothing to do with her degree just to sustain herself and her mom through these rough times that millions of people are also dealing with.  I'm sorry she's mad, but nobody owes her a living.  I'm sorry the media sees fit to make a big deal of her actions without some judgment as to the worthiness of those actions.I'm not sorry I'm mentioning this, as I want to make sure that none of magnificent listening audience slips into this childish state of pouting and stamping feet when life doesn't go the way you planned or wanted.  If there is one thing to learn from this girl, it's that life doesn't guarantee anything but the opportunity, and she's wasting it by whining.  If I were an employer, I wouldn't hire her after reading about these antics.  I would want a more mature individual who does what she has to do to survive, and makes the best of it.  That's the kind of person to respect and support.
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