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Learning How To Take Care Of My Man
Learning How To Take Care Of My Man

My husband and I are both 26 and have been married for a little less than a year.  I quickly realized marriage is a lot of work and I wanted to be the best possible wife I could be.  I prayed for guidance, and the very next day, one of your YouTube videos popped up on my screen.  I was elated to rediscover you.

You made me realize that I was already taking my new husband for granted.  I am a millennial and grew up hearing all that feminist mumbo-jumbo about how women should be dominant over their husbands if they decide to marry at all.  So I immediately purchased "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands," and I now kiss and hug him ten times more, and tell him how much I admire his hard work to provide for the two of us.  

I learned the easy way how to nourish and take care of my man so that we'll have a long, happy marriage.  I only wish my mom would have taken your advice because she and my father recently separated after infidelity on her part.  

I realize I'm still young, naïve and I have plenty to learn about life and marriage, but you're a saving grace for me.  I so look forward to reading all of your other books and listening to your radio program every day.  I can't wait to be my future children's mommy, and I love being my husband's girlfriend.


A happy newlywed


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