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My Stay at Home Success Story
My Stay at Home Success Story

Hi Dr. Laura:

I recently heard a call on your show where you told a prospective mom that she could make being a stay-at-home mom work on one salary.  I thought maybe others could be inspired by MY story.

Staying at home with my kids was a priority for me.  When my second child was born, I knew I didn't want to work anymore.  My husband and I grew up on Long Island, and all of our friends and family were there.  However, the cost of living was very high, and we knew we couldn't afford to live there on one salary.

So my husband found a new job in a small Virginia town.  We sold our house and moved away from everyone we knew.  I joined a mothers' group, made friends quickly and easily and was very happy being a mother to my kids.  While in Virginia, I got pregnant again and before my child was born, my husband lost his job.  He was able to find another one but it was in Alabama.  So once again, we gave up what was familiar and moved so I could be home to raise my kids.  The move wasn't easy, especially in August, but we did it, my baby was born in Alabama, and we lived there for five years.

Today, I live in Pennsylvania, my kids are grown, and looking back I have no regrets about the sacrifices that were made in order to be a stay-at-home mom.  To your listeners:  there is ALWAYS a way - you just have to be willing to make it happen.


If you've got an inspiring story about YOUR journey to "stay-at-home mom-hood" you can email me by signing into (or signing up for) the free Dr. Laura Family, just click here.
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