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Rating Scale for Wives
Rating Scale for Wives

I have to take issue with one item from the Rating System for Wives you read on March 20, during the opening of your show. The particular item: wife goes to bed with cold feet and warms them on husband. My late wife Jeannie used to do this all the time. At first it was annoying, but it soon became a game between us. She would put her cold feet on my legs or her cold hands on my back and I would muster up ALL MY STRENGTH to NOT react. I disciplined myself to withstand extreme cold with not so much as a quiver! If I slipped and quivered ever so slightly, Jeannie won. If I didn't, I won. I usually won, but it was very difficult. And then we would both laugh and kiss each other goodnight (or went on to something else. There are many ways to "warm up" as they say.) I miss those times and I miss terribly my Jeannie and her cold feet. She has been gone now these past nine years (breast cancer).


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