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Stirring Up Controversy
Stirring Up Controversy

Recently I threw a bridal shower for my husband's sister. It was just family and a few close friends of hers. I brought along my usual gift of "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands". Well, little did I realize the controversy it would raise with this group. There are quite a few feminists among my husband's family and among his sister's friends. Grandma was calling me all sorts of names, the bride's friend was calling you all sorts of names, and my other sister-in-law was expressing that we cannot "cater" to a man. After a few minutes of trying to defend my views and your name, I politely changed the subject.

While replaying the scene for my husband later that evening, he said, "Well, it doesn't really matter what those people think, because Dr. Laura is always right, and if those women listened to half of what she said their husbands would be as happy as I am." As I looked into his eyes, I knew he wasn't just saying this...he meant it! I am so grateful that my man is happy! We have a wonderful marriage and two sweet children. While some of the feminist women I mentioned have failed marriages and visibly unhappy husbands, mine hurries home after work every day and gives me a big, sexy movie kiss and I know he's happy to be home!

Well, my husband's sister has agreed to read the book with an open mind and I hope it helps in her marriage as much as it has helped in mine. Thank you for fulfilling your calling on this Earth of helping direct people to choose the better way. I am forever grateful to you!


Tags: Family/Relationships - Family, Feminism, Feministas, Marriage, Relatives, Social Issues, The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands
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