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Planned Parenthood
My Letter to the Susan G. Komen Foundation As a past walker with the Susan G. Komen Foundation, I'm INCREDIBLY disappointed in the way this organization has waffled and crumbled under pressure with regard to the Planned Parenthood decision. More >>

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Susan G. Komen Foundation Buckles Yesterday, the Susan G. Komen Foundation cut off funding to Planned Parenthood ostensibly because it is in their set of standards not to give funding to organizations under federal judicial investigation. Planned Parenthood is under such an investigation. More >>

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Komen Going to Fund Planned Parenthood Again! Not happy that the Susan G. Komen Foundation has gone back to giving funds to Planned Parenthood!! I checked out the PP website and couldn't believe what I read about abortions - -That they "are very common"... More >>

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IconI was listening to your program last week and heard Abbey Johnson tell her story. I was understandably outraged at Planned Parenthood (and have been since listening to you talk about their practices)... More >>

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IconLast week, I had a fascinating conversation with Abby Johnson, a former director of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas... More >>

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IconGeotags make it very easy for friends, relatives, bosses, spouses, parents, enemies, law enforcement, stalkers and thieves to know exactly where you are... More >>

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IconI never thought I'd see this headline, but it is real:' "Planned Parenthood Director Quits After Watching Abortion on Ultrasound."Abby Johnson, 29, worked at a southeast Texas Planned Parenthood clinic for 8 years, the last two as its director.' She was, in her own words, extremely "pro-choice."' What changed her was watching a video of an ultrasound of an actual abortion.' She watched a fetus "crumple" as it was vacuumed out of a patient's uterus in September.' That was the turning point for her.' She has since stayed home to raise her 3 year old daughter.Here's a very important point:' all activist groups change the wording of their identity or actions in order to temper the emotional response of others, and in so doing, gain acceptance.' "Abortion" became "CHOICE."' Well, everyone likes to have choices - that was a brilliant technique to obscure the facts that a human being is dismembered, crumpled, and sucked with a vacuum out of her mother's body into a container or sink and ultimately eliminated as an issue in the life of the mother-who-was (versus mother-to-be).But this was not the only problem for Abby Johnson.' She says that since revenues were down, she was ordered several times by her bosses to increase profits by performing more and more abortions, which cost patients between $500 and $700. "It's a very lucrative business, and that's why they want to increase numbers," she is quoted as saying.Planned Parenthood likes to talk about abortions being only a small part of Planned Parenthood's activities.' Planned Parenthood likes to say that its focus is on prevention.' Johnson's reply? "For them, there's not a lot of money in education.' There's not as much money in family planning as there is in abortion." Johnson also said, "Ideally, my goal as the facility's director is that your abortion numbers don't increase, because you're providing so much family planning and so much education that there is not a demand for abortion services.' But that was not their goal." Can you say "whistleblower?"Planned Parenthood's response?' Guess!' You're wrong.' They got a temporary restraining order against Ms. Johnson and the Coalition for Life (an anti-abortion group with which Johnson is now affiliated, and which is located just down the block from this Planned Parenthood clinic).'Why a restraining order?' Simple....they don't want the truth to be spoken, and isn't that "telling." More >>

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IconTranscription of Opening Monologue from Dr. Laura's program 1.23.2009 Dr. Laura: Well, we have another anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade "you can kill the babies in your body" law.' And there was a big march yesterday and, supposedly, our new president was going to be signing an executive order un-doing Bush's, which undid Clinton's, which undid the first Bush's (they went back and forth) about the government putting money in non-governmental foreign concerns, when there are abortions, so that we, the tax payers, wouldn't be paying for it.Now, apparently, there's going to be a lot of money in perpetuity, for the rest of all humanity, going to the number one baby-killing mechanism in the United States, which is, in my opinion, Planned Parenthood.' So I've been beseeched and besieged with people telling me to go to war over this.' I've given it great thought and slept on it.' Me?' I'm no wuss - if there's a battle to be fought, I'm there, with pearl-handled guns.' No question about it.However, approaching this issue of abortion through the legislature and the courts is a lost battle.' Totally lost battle, in my opinion.' And since I'm big on personal responsibility and moral choices, that's where this ought to go.I am here every day begging, pressuring, cajoling, negotiating, nagging people to do the right thing, especially when it comes to their kids.' Not divorcing, unless it's dangerous or destructive in some horrendous way, because kids need an intact family.' Not to have kids out of wedlock intentionally, because that ruins their lives, statistically speaking, emotionally and psychologically.' And not to have abortions.' You live with that for the rest of your life, and there's a dead human being who could've been somebody really special.So, basically, I sit here every day, well five days a week, and put pressure.' Pressure, pressure, pressure.' I give the arguments I can, write the books and support, what I believe, are more humane decisions.' And that's the way it's going to have to be.' The law could say that it's perfectly legal to rip a baby out of your body anytime you damn well want.' But the law can be there, and we can choose not to do it.' It's not against the law to not have an abortion.' It's not against the law to put a child in a situation for adoption.' And, is the only time we're going to do something, is when there's a law?' Can't we do the right thing without a badge in our face?So, in your families, you can teach your children that affordable housing means housing you can afford, not housing the tax payers can afford for you, but what you can afford for you.' I've lived in some sad situations, but that's because that's what I could afford.' So, for me, that was affordable housing.' To say somebody else has to afford your housing is not the mentality this country was built on.' And it's certainly not a mentality that makes you feel good about yourself.' That it's perfectly legal to get pregnant, abort, pregnant, abort, pregnant, abort, pregnant, abort, doesn't mean it's something you ought to do or it's a good thing to do.' It can't make you feel better as a person or a woman, when giving somebody you created the opportunity for life is a better choice.So I give up with the Planned Parenthood nonsense.' That, to me, is just part of the evil empire...that place.' And I give up with Roe vs. Wade.' I give up with that.' You're not going to get anywhere with that, folks.' Give that up and turn to each other.' Stop looking for the government to take care of this.' Look to yourself.' Influence each other.' Do the right thing; be open about it.' Anybody who's ever gotten pregnant in the wrong situation and put a baby up for adoption, say it out loud!' Make it be a wonderful thing!' Not a thing of shame, but a wonderful thing - that you were willing to sacrifice nine months of your life, plus the nine months it takes to get your body and mind back together again, in order that another human being, brought into this world by no fault of their own, no doing of their own, has a life.' You should be proud of yourself.' That's why when women call me and tell me they put children up for adoption they couldn't take care of, I tell them they're my heroes.' So, stop looking to the government for the handout, the bailout, the law.' You know what the right thing is to do.' You know.' You know the right thing to do.' Unfortunately, since the beginning of time (read the Bible) the influences around you try to dissuade you from doing the right thing.' Listen to the small, still voice:' Your conscience that tells you the truth.' Follow that voice.' If not, follow mine.' Okay? More >>

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IconThere have been innumerable skirmishes all over America concerning whether or not parents should get notification, much less a say, in whether their kids can visit the museum of natural history during school hours (usually yes), get their ears pierced (also yes) or have an unborn baby scraped or sucked out of their bodies (ahh...that would be a "NO" if you ask Planned Un-Parenthood, the ACLU, and a host of other ultra-liberal, feminista organizations).Generally, the concern these organizations present have to do almost solely with the imagined sociopathy of America's parents: that they will savage or murder their pregnant daughters, or toss them bodily from their homes into the murky night and swampy streets. They have not, however, ever come up with any instances of that happening - but what do facts matter when you want to make sure an abortion is always available when a kid wants one?For the third time in the last four years, California voters were asked to weigh in on teen abortion, determining whether doctors would be required to notify parents at least 48 hours before performing an abortion on a minor...you hear that?' ON A MINOR CHILD!There are those who think abortions are so important to the well-being of children that they believe that children are capable of making that decision on their own.' That's why a piece by Kenny Goldberg (KPBS-FM radio in San Diego) is so blatantly clear on the limitations of the thinking of children.The Vista Community Clinic in California sees hundreds of teens a month for reproductive health issues.' Mr. Goldberg interviewed some of those teenage girls to see what their opinions and concerns were regarding their parents' knowing about their abortion appointments.' Here is a typical example: "I don't think I would tell my parents, because I feel like they would look at me as someone who's already messed up - like early in my life, and I'd feel like I was a disappointment." Hey - that sounds like a valid reason to terminate the life of a baby in one's body without a parent to talk to about alternatives or to help.By the way, most of these parental notification initiatives allow for children who come from abusive families to notify another adult relative - like a grandparent or aunt/uncle - or ask a judge for a waiver.With respect to those options, another teen says "Pregnancy already weighs on you enough.' So to even add court issues to that - that would just be insane - I mean, it would be so much harder to deal with." Come on folks - kids who worry about parental disappointment, and the burden of dealing with judges or other adults, clearly are not mature enough to make life-and-death decisions for another human being.I do know, from my years on the air, that there are many parents who would wholeheartedly support their child's abortion so that they would get that problem out of the way so their kids could just get on with school and sports.' Unfortunately, they leave their child with a legacy of always knowing they eliminated their first child because of an inconvenience.' That's better than facing some disappointment or legal procedure?I believe parents ought to be with their children to help them through any and all crises...from not making the basketball team or cheerleaders, to facing the reality of having created a human life. More >>

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IconThere were two trucks circling Bradenton, Florida last week.' Displayed on the sides and backs of the trucks were enlarged photos of dead fetuses in various poses.' Needless to say, this caused a bit of a stir.The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, a Southern California-based anti-abortion group, was established in 1990, and conducts nationwide projects on anti-abortion messages usually involving large billboards, signs and photo murals.' Their initiative is to influence voters to select pro-life candidates.' Bill Calvin, the group's regional director says, "We studied all the successful movements in American history.' We need to dramatize the injustice we are fighting." Pictures are worth a zillion words.' "Choice" or "women's reproductive rights" are rather benign ways of describing the death of a human being.' In fact, it has been very smart of the pro-abortion folks to use such words and phrases, because in America, issues of choice and rights are very important.' Also, such words distract people from the realities by taking all passion and compassion--as well as horror--away from an act that terminates innocent human life (unlike the death penalty which terminates a guilty human life).I thought long and hard about what I wanted to say about this truck and its photos, especially since children see them.' Then again, children see blatant sexuality and/or horrific violence on television, music videos and games, magazines, and the Internet.' All of those "every day" visual images don't have a decent point to make - they are strictly for prurient motivations and making a dollar.When my son was 5 years old I started teaching him about sex.' I told him that it was a special experience between a husband and wife that brought immense pleasure, good feelings between them, and often... a baby.' I went on to explain that he ought not engage in that behavior - sex - as a child because (a) he couldn't take care of a wife and child, and (b) because the girl could get an abortion.' He said, "What's an abortion?"' I replied, "It's when the baby is taken out of the woman's body."' He said, "What happens to the baby?"' I said, "It dies."' He said, looking astonished, "You mean they waste a perfectly good baby?"' I said slowly..."Yes."I have railed against feminist groups and Planned Un-Parenthood who don't' want to give women who are considering an abortion a sonogram and then a day to think about their decision to terminate, keep or put the baby up for adoption.''''The feminista types use words like harassment, offensive, disturbing, intimidation, shame and such to protect women from vividly seeing the realities of their baby in their bodies.The same words have been used for these photographs.' Yes, they are disturbing...and they should offend ... the act is offensive. More >>

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