A Trip with Dad
June 1, 2012
A Trip with Dad

Dr. Laura,

The most memorable trip I took was with my Dad when I was in high school. I was on the dance team and we traveled to Florida for the national competition.

I do not really remember the dance, or trophies, or the rides at Disney World, or the places we ate. What I remember most was how happy I was, how my heart was bursting with pride and pleasure to have my Dad with me.

He traveled for his work and was not home very often, especially through my teen years. As a teenage girl I never figured my Dad could offer me too much, (since I was brilliant and knew it all already), but boy oh boy, was I happy he chose to chaperone that trip. Time with him was often scarce, his opinions mattered greatly to me, (still do!), and his pride in me was so important to my confidence.

I'm still not sure how he even found the time to go, but the memories I have of the two of us together on that trip will live in my heart forever. When I think of how much my Daddy meant to me in my “growing up” years, I make sure to send my husband and our daughter, (6 years old), on lots of Daddy-daughter dates. I know someday she will look back on those trips and treasure them, just as I do.

Thanks for helping make me the best I can be.

My husband's girlfriend and my kid's stay-at-home-MOM,


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