Bonding with Dad
January 12, 2018
Bonding with Dad

I'm not a mother or father, but I'm a daughter who took the time I spent with my father seriously. When I was a teenager, my dad drove me to and from youth group, and while he drove we talked - about boys, dating, school, whatever came up. As a result, my dad became someone I could turn to when I needed advice on something, and those moments kept me sane through some very difficult times later in life.

Those moments in the car gave us a bond beyond biology, because we were genuinely interested in each other's lives. That still holds true today, almost ten years later. I credit those moments we spent together just talking as the reason he and I have such a strong relationship. I treasure those moments more with each passing day, and I am so grateful to my dad for taking the time to talk and just be there for me.

If I am lucky enough to become a parent, I expect my husband to do the same for our children.


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