Take A Good look In The Mirror
January 30, 2019
Take A Good look In The Mirror

Dr. Laura:

I hear calls every day from women complaining about their husbands and how they don't seem to care.  I wanted to share how amazing my husband is.  When his difficult mother was alive, I would try to be a buffer and talk to her at least daily.  She could immediately push my husband's buttons, but I could take just about anything up to a point.  One day, I reached that point, and I yelled at her.  My husband came home from work, heard me yelling at his mother on the phone, took the phone and said, "Why are you making my wife yell at you?"  He then told her he needed a break from her and that I would not be calling for at least a few days and hung up.

Another time, she called to complain to him that I wasn't talking to her.  His first question was, "Well, what did you do to her to cause that to happen?"  He never once considered that it was anything that I could have done.  He always stuck up for me.

We've been married for 35 years, with no children.  My husband is ill now, and we are limited financially and physically, but he continues to put me first, with little things like getting up before me in the morning to turn the heat on.  I've never felt the need to check his phone, his internet history or anything else because he gets everything he needs from me.  If a woman thinks her man is not treating her with love, kindness, and respect, then she needs to look in the mirror and see where she is failing.  Keep preaching, Dr. Laura, especially to women who need to figure out how to treat their man.

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