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Email of the Day

July 19, 2019
Just Do It
Just Do It

Being a stay-at-home mom was the greatest decision my husband and I have ever made.  We were just shy of 30 years old when our son was born.  We'd been married for five years by then.  While I was a stay-at-home mom, we lived in an 800 square foot house and had one car.  We did without lots of stuff.  

When our son was a senior in high school, I took a part-time job - school hours only - which has since turned into my current full-time job.  Our son had twelve years of private school education.  Was money tight?  You better believe it, but we still managed one vacation a year.  My husband didn't have a high-paying job either, but we managed to make it.  To parents today, I say "just do it."  You can.  You don't need half the stuff you have - sell it, downsize, and make time for your children.

Our son is now 35 and he still thanks me and his dad for providing him with a loving, nurturing home with a mom who was THERE for him every day.  He's married now, but they have no children yet because he says he wants his children to have the same experience he did with an at-home mom.  I'm still my husband's girlfriend and he's the best boyfriend ever, going into 41 years of marriage.  Thanks for your good sound advice.  So many times, I want to bonk a caller of yours over the head, which is why I don't need your job.  Jail would not be far behind!  


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