The Ultimate Road Trip Companion
June 8, 2015
The Ultimate Road Trip Companion

My family of four made the long drive home from Hilton Head, South Carolina to Toronto, Ontario, Canada after a fantastic week of vacation. Since we are avid listeners and Dr. Laura Family Premium members, my husband and I decided to kick off our day by plugging in my phone to our stereo to playback your show. 

Next thing I know, we ended up listening to 16 consecutive hours of Dr. Laura podcasts as we drove! And if that's not incredible enough, you might be happy to hear that my 12 & 15-year-old sons voluntarily disconnected from their individual iPods to join us in our listening pleasure. 

Hearing your show, while all gathered in a small space together, where we were not distracted by other things, created a wonderful opportunity for lots of discussions. We all shared opinions, asked questions, and compared notes on certain subjects that applied to our family. It even got to the point where we invented a game: "What will Dr. Laura Say? We would listen to the caller's opening remarks and then pause the podcast and all take turns guessing what your response would be, based on what we had learned so far. I'm proud to say, we usually nailed it. Fun, entertaining and educational all rolled into one long ride! 

I almost got teary thinking of the effect this special moment was having on our boys, at a time in their lives when they're able to understand the concepts but BEFORE they start down any roads of major life choices. It was also very comforting to realize that they "get it" and that all that we've hoped we were teaching them has taken root. Your advice has had an amazing impact on my life and now the rest of my family too. 

We'll continue to use your show as a way to check in with each other and as a test of sorts, to see how well we are choosing to live our lives. Thank you so much for making such a difference in this world. You have two new fans in my kids and I can only hope it's for life! 


Posted by Staff at 10:58 AM