It Was My Destiny
January 20, 2020
It Was My Destiny

Today, my husband and I celebrate 20 years of marriage.  When we were expecting our first child, I was adamant that I was going to go back to work.  I had worked too hard for my degree to stay at home.  He didn't agree with my choice, but he knew it was something I had to work out for myself.  As soon as my son was placed in my arms, however, I knew that being his mommy was what I was destined to do.  So my husband went about making sacrifices and working hard so that I could be the stay-at-home mommy that now we BOTH wanted me to be. 

Lately, I've struggled with the lack of time to have romantic nights out, but I heard you say to a caller with a similar issue to "go into HIS world, and he would eventually surprise her with the romantic dates that she liked."  So I helped my husband paint one floor of our house.  While I ended up sore and tired, I also had a lot of time with my husband.  We talked about lots of things that we would have if were on a date.  If I hadn't heard your advice to that caller, I don't know that I would have helped him as much and I would have missed out on so much time and conversation with him.  Thank you.  You've helped me be the girlfriend my husband needs and the mom my kids need.


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