Finding My Purpose
November 27, 2018
Finding My Purpose

Dear Dr. Laura:

I was in the kitchen baking cookies when you asked to put your hand up if you are adoring and sweet and if your man would climb a mountain and carry you down and think nothing of it.  I dropped my spatula, shot my hand up and shouted "Me! Me! That's me!"  My dog came running to see who I was talking to!  And I immediately picked up the phone, snapped a picture of the fresh baked cookies and sent it to my husband with a kiss emoji.  

We live on a farm.  My husband is a very hardworking farmer, a real man, and I am his adoring farm wife, raising two kids, two dogs, one cat and three chickens.  I keep the kitchen warm with fresh bakery and warm meals for him to come home to.  This man has done so much more for me and my family, and I know he will always drop anything for his adoring wife.  In return, he knows that he will always come home to a hot meal, laundered clothes, a clean house, happy kids, and most importantly, a loving and affectionate wife.  We will always have time for each other, and no task or favor is too big or too small, even if the purpose is just to put a smile on one another's face.  

Because of you, Dr. Laura, I stopped searching for value in a career, and found my purpose in my home, as a wife and mother.  I get out of bed every morning, wake my kids up for school and wonder how I could have possible wanted to miss out on those special moments each and every day with them.

My husband's adoring and sexy girlfriend, 

Jeri Lynn

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