I Won't Put My Son Through What My Parents Did To Me
April 20, 2017
I Won't Put My Son Through What My Parents Did To Me

Dr. Laura:

I figured out why I always frown when you tell people not to remarry when they have minor kids at home. I get angry, because my parents didn't do that and I feel like I got cheated.

After getting a divorce, my parents moved 2000 miles away from each other! I have half-siblings from the remarriage of both my parents. When I was a teenager, I resented those half-siblings because their parents were together and mine were not.  

When the going got tough in my own marriage, I considered divorcing my husband. But I vowed I was not going to do to my son what was done to me. I also didn't want to create a second loss for my stepson who had it hard as it was (yes, I married someone with minor kids - not something I would have done if I had listened to you earlier). My husband and I worked things out, and I'm happy on all fronts that I stayed in the marriage, but especially for my son and stepson.


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