Living Up To My Potential
August 10, 2017
Living Up To My Potential

Dr. Laura:

I'm 30 years old and have listened to your show since I was 10 - my mom always had you on the radio in the car.  As a teenager, of course I thought anything you said was ridiculous and that you were a bad influence on my mom, as you both sounded so similar!  Over the years, however, I've come to greatly appreciate your words of wisdom.  I'm lucky to have had parents who shared similar values and gave me a solid foundation for life.

I went through a period of depression and loneliness that I thought I would never come out of.  Instead, I found myself humbled by the stories of your callers, and motivated by the practical recommendations, compassion, and unrelenting honesty you have.  You helped me live up to my own expectations, and to create a life I can be proud of.  I'm happily married to a real man.  I knew he was a keeper when he agreed to read the "Proper Care and Feeding Of" series with me before we got married.  For Christmas, he got me a subscription to your podcast, so I could listen when I wanted.  

I look forward to being my kid's mom (delivery date is four months away).  Thank you for all the hard work and dedication.  You are a guiding light in an otherwise snowflake world.

With gratitude,



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