It's Not Luck, It's My Choice
September 30, 2019
It's Not Luck, It's My Choice

Dr. Laura:

I recently heard you mention a good comeback when someone tells a stay-at-home parent that they're "so lucky."  You said, "No luck; just a choice."  I wouldn't trade my staying home for anything.  Sure, it's a sacrifice, but I don't need a fancy work wardrobe or expensive shoes.  I clean my own house, eat peanut butter for lunch and manage a budget.  Because we're on one income, we say "no" to a lot of things.  We've made that work for 20 years. 

Each time I wonder if it's time to re-enter the work force now that my kids are older teens, it makes me sad to think of them coming home to an empty house.  I love making them healthy snacks after school, hearing about their day and preparing dinner for all of us.  They may not appreciate every moment, but I cherish the time with them.  I'm never bored.

I have no shame in being an at-home mom and have never felt I needed the "fulfillment" of a career.  I have three degrees and feel my biggest accomplishment is seeing my children thrive!  So, it's not luck -- just our choice and sacrifice along the way, and it's all worth it.


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