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Letters From Listeners

December 03, 2019
Thank you For Your Constant Advice
Thank you For Your Constant Advice

Hi Dr. Laura,

I am now a  29-year-old man, but I remember listening to your program as I sat in the back of my mom's Jeep in my car seat. I am now a Sirius subscriber and enjoy listening to you every day as I drive during work.

I want to thank you for your constant advice that you give to so many of us. You have enlightened me many times with regards to family and my relationships as I navigate the dating world. You have, without a doubt, helped me find the woman I will marry soon (Wedding invitation to follow - at least I can say I invited THE Dr. Laura). 

You do so much for so many. You are undoubtedly a guiding light in the world we live in.

Thanks again

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