A Small Reminder
December 12, 2018
A Small Reminder

My husband is 30, and I'm 29.  We've been married for four years, with no children yet.  My sweet husband came home from a long day at work recently and said that on his way home, he started thinking about our other friends' marriages, and the marriages of some in our family, so it got him to thinking about OUR marriage.  He said he thought of the other marriages he knew as relationships that were parallel lines.  They seemed great, but when you broke it down, those relationships grew and moved separately.  Other relationships could be just one single vertical line, with the husband and wife on the same line.  This didn't seem ideal to him either, because they were the same - there was no separate growth.

Then he came to OUR marriage, and he thought of us as the perfect double helix!  The lines move perfectly in and out of each other, making us equally strong and independent on our own, but structurally the helix wouldn't make sense without the intertwining of the two.  We need to lean on each other.  When he told me this, I nearly squealed "how cute Is that!"  

Moments like this remind me that I most certainly chose wisely, and I will always treat this sweet man kindly.  Thank you for being a guiding light to us Millennials!

With love,


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