Being a True Friend
August 31, 2015
Being a True Friend

Dear Dr. Laura:

A friend of mine who is in a bridal party was asked to make 100 cupcakes for the rehearsal dinner.  My friend accepted the request, but soon realized she was in over her head, and called me (a month in advance) to ask if I would help her.  I make specialty-order cakes and cupcakes so it was not a challenge for me at all, so I agreed.

Right before I was supposed to help her, she called asking if we could move the cupcake decorating to that evening instead of that morning.  I got grumpy because I had planned my day around helping her and had a six hour intense work training session that afternoon.  I knew I was going to be exhausted by the evening. I told her I'd call her back because I wanted to create an excuse as to why I couldn't help her in the evening.  

I was on my computer at the time, and for some reason, I went to your website, and saw your blog post on being a true friend.  At that moment, I had a change of heart.  My friend had asked me well in advance to help her and I agreed.  She had an unavoidable family situation that required her to move our plans, and I did not.  I was ashamed of myself and realized what a crank I was being just because I was going to be tired after a long day.  

I called her back, worked out the details with her (we decided she'd do some basic work that night, and I'd help her with the frosting and fondant decorations the next night). The next night, she was all ready, and we knocked them all out while having a great time.  Thank you for helping me see through my moment of sleepy selfishness.  I would have regretted it if I lied to her.  I know she appreciated it very much, and I didn't lose any respect for myself that night.

Sara (a "true friend")

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