Our Babies Need Us
January 8, 2019
Our Babies Need Us

Dear Dr. Laura:

While taking my toddler son to a "make-believe" children's play town, I noticed how alone most of the children were.  They had a parent with them, but I saw multiple children who were physically in proximity to their parent completely ignored due to technology.  Parent after parent was staring down at a cell phone like a zombie.  It was eye-opening.  

I was helping my baby boy in and out of "pretend" vehicles, singing songs about the cars or trucks he sat in, and enthusiastically cheering as he used a rail to go up and down a mini-staircase by himself, counting out each step for him.  The other kids were alone and sat still or attempted to fiddle with a play object without any youthful joy.  No enthusiasm.  No spark of creativity.  No love.  Nothing.  They reminded me of little adults, lost in their own thoughts as they sat, behaving perfectly the same way babies left in busy orphanages don't bother to cry after a while because it doesn't make a difference.  It broke my heart to see this.  

Thank you for continuing to advocate for children, and for knowing that ALL these moments are precious.  I hear you remind people that when their adult children aren't attached and don't seem to care about their parents that the parent is most of the time the reason it turned out that way.  Our babies need us and our approval, snuggles, encouragement, and guidance.  

My boy's loving mommy,


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