What I'm Thankful For
July 22, 2019
What I'm Thankful For

Dear Dr. Laura,

Last week I celebrated my birthday with my family. My wife had my friends play a game in which they had to answer questions about me, to see how well they knew me.
The next day I made a list of 10 questions, so that my 9 and 15 year old daughters could also play the game. I'm thankful to say they got the two most important questions right.
  1. "Who does Dada love most?" They both answered, "Mama!"

  2. "What is Dada's favorite thing to do?" Again they answered in unison, "To spend time with us!"
One of my goals is to make it crystal clear to my daughters that I love them and my wife more than anything else. I'm thankful they got the message.

Best regards,


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Posted by Staff at 10:58 AM