I Didn't Treat Kindly
November 26, 2018
I Didn't Treat Kindly

I spent the last decade of my marriage occasionally being my husband's girlfriend, but mostly being a nagging wife.  I assumed that because I married a good man who loved me that I could put in minimal effort, and he'd "understand" because he loved me and loved the family we made.  I was wrong.

He needed me.  He needed me to love him.  He needed me to want him.  He needed me to need him.  Instead, I relied on him and demanded of him without being grateful.  After all, that's what his job was as a husband, right?  Well, he lost interest in being my one-sided support, and as a result, lost interest in me.  

Life is hard, children are challenging, and marriage takes work.  I can tell you that any inconvenience you face when caring for your husband is microscopic compared to the pain you'll feel when he realizes he deserves so much more.  Please let other women learn from my foolishness.

A Wife Who Should Have Known Better

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