Take The Plunge!
March 12, 2019
Take The Plunge!

Upon coming home from a long day, my husband took me by the hands and asked me to close my eyes.  He guided me into the bathroom, where he had delicately placed candles, rose petals and bath salts surrounding a freshly run bath.  Wine and chocolates adorned the rim of the tub, and he beamed ear to ear.  "Get in," he encouraged.  I undressed and dipped a toe into the water, only to find it was ICE COLD!!  He had inadvertently run the cold water instead of the hot. Dr. Laura, I immediately saw your face flash before my eyes.  It was as if you were hovering over the tub saying to me "You have two options, my dear; choose wisely!"

I plunged into the cold bath, smiling (but shivering), thanked him profusely and waited for the door to close.  I then drained the bath, refilled it with hot water, and relaxed.  
Since that time, I've had hundreds of HOT baths run for me.  He has a way of knowing when I need to decompress.  That night, I had my husband in the palm of my hand.  I could easily have complained, turned my nose up or scolded him.  Instead, I took the plunge (literally) and made him smile.

Life and marriage are not about winning or being selfish. They're about how you make other people feel when they walk away from you.  I made my husband feel like a king that night, and in turn, I've been treated like a queen for fifteen wonderful years of marriage.  After all, everyone needs a good cold plunge every now and then!


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