Take the Reigns of Life
March 20, 2017
Take the Reigns of Life

Dear Dr. Laura,

I have been an avid listener of your show since I was a graduate student in a counseling program working as a receptionist in 1999 at a counseling office. While doing what seemed like menial work at the time, it allowed me to be able to listen to your radio show which was a true joy.

At first I found your style with callers to be a bit harsh but now as a therapist in my own practice working with couples I see how your "get real" approach is more effective and impactful. Too often we as providers of service let our patients get off too easy. We need to demonstrate some real "tough love" with people to show they are the TRUE agents of change.

I greatly appreciate your efforts as a therapist, mother, wife and advocate of hard work. Only when we take the reigns of our lives can we make things better. No more blaming others or being victims in life.

With sincere gratitude,


Posted by Staff at 10:39 AM