May 13, 2010
Proud To Be An American
IconI watched the most horrendous (but telling) video on Fox News last week.The video was taken from one of America's finest military airplanes, which was getting ready to send a missile to kill terrorists while they were working on planting a roadside bomb.  You can hear the pilots talking about the target and informing the base as to what they were about to do.All of a sudden, one of them aborts the shoot because a young boy has come on the scene, delivering something, it appears, to the bombers.  Our guys halt their attack, and then watch as the boy moves away.  You hear one of the pilots kind of "cheering" the kid to leave the site, so they can then destroy the terrorists and their bomb. Suddenly, there's a huge explosion.  It appears that the bombers have accidentally blown themselves up, saving us some ordnance.  I don't know if the casualties included the boy.  I do know that the terrorists' religious and political commitments to murder include killing their own women and children as part of their world vision.I was proud for the whole world to see (assuming other news outlets played it) that our commitment was to protect the innocent whenever possible. It made me proud to be an American.

Posted by Staff at 1:07 AM