The Biggest Mistakes Guys Make with Women
July 19, 2016
The Biggest Mistakes Guys Make with Women

All right, guys, listen up. I know you think that women are complicated, and we are. We’re hard to read. We’re mercurial. We’re sensitive. But with certain things, you have to take responsibility. Here are seven of the biggest mistakes guys make with women:

1. Wandering eyeballs. When you’re on a date with your wife or girlfriend and you’re checking out other women, it’s a real mood-killer. She’s not going to want to share her thoughts. She’s not going to want to be close and cuddly with you. When your eyes start to wander, check yourself.

2. Pay attention. When she glams up for you, shower her with compliments. If she changes anything - her hair, her nails, her wardrobe, etc. - make sure you notice. There’s always something nice you can say.

3. Don’t constantly talk about your ex (or any other woman for that matter). When you talk endlessly about another woman, even if it’s your sister or your mother, you don’t seem like you’re paying attention to her.

4. Don’t keep her a secret. If you don’t introduce your girlfriend to your friends, she figures that you’re hiding her, you’re embarrassed, or you’re just being rude. 

5. Don’t keep secrets from her.  

6. Don’t cheat. 

7. Don’t give her reasons to imagine that you don’t care or that you’re not trustworthy.

It’s really as simple as that.

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