An 8-Year-Old with More Brains Than a Lot of Adults
August 21, 2015
An 8-Year-Old with More Brains Than a Lot of Adults

Hi Dr. Laura! 

I am my fantastic husband's partner and our 3 amazing kids' mom! 

For some reason, our television was tuned to "The Bachelorette". For the 3 whole minutes it was on before I changed the channel, our 4-year-old daughter was intrigued by all the roses and pretty dresses she saw. Our 8-year-old son turned to her and told her how the show was dumb because you're supposed to pick someone to marry, but you can't possibly get to know someone to marry on a show like that! You have to get to know someone longer than that before you should ever think about marriage. He then told her in a sweet little voice to be sure to date a nice man for a very long time before you get married....okay? 

I was so darn proud of him for having such common sense, but also the brains and love to tell his little sister that. I'm amazed at the dingbats who think they've found love on that show! 

I started listening to you again because my new car has Sirius XM and our children love listening to you too. In fact, our son loves you so much that he records himself having his own "Dr. Aedan" call-in show. Last week, he had a birthday and actually said he wanted a Dr. Laura doll for his birthday.

We love your entertaining advice.


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