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Letters From Listeners

October 09, 2019
A True Awakening
A True Awakening

I just want to thank you. I know I am "late" in reading your books "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands” and “…Feeding of Marriage,” but I can honestly say better late than never.

It has been a rough road the past year for me and my family. I was going through what I call a "feminist phase" driven and fueled by negative friends and family as well as my own resentments and insecurities. I filed for divorce thinking it was the thing to do without even consulting my husband on how I was feeling. Long story short, my time being separated from him made me realize how stupid and wrong I had been and just how much our daughters need him home. I dismissed the divorce, we went to marriage counseling and he eventually moved back home.
I now try to spend every day showing him how much his slaying of dragons means to me and he is truly my hero. I still fight my insecurities on a daily basis but I am no longer constantly nagging him for the constant reassurance of his love and approval or resenting my position in the home as a stay at home mom.
Thank you Dr Laura for giving the gift of a true awakening...


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