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Letters From Listeners

July 18, 2019
Fixing My Future
Fixing My Future

Hello Dr. Laura,

Originally I called you and asked about helping my 5-year-old, I wanted to help him deal with not feeling loved by his father. I had my son without being married. After you tore me a new  and asked me why I was having unprotected sex, I used a cop-out and stated it was because of "stupidity".

I have been listening to your podcast for hours a night while I'm at work, and have realized I used a cop-out instead of being transparent; because it was easier than dealing with the truth. Truth be told, I have come to realize, I am a broken person. I realize that I've always found "broken" people because I, myself have been broken and didn't want to be vulnerable to love. Love, or what I thought was "love" as a child, hurt. And I didn't want to be hurt. So here I am, a single mother to a wonderful boy. But so desperately not wanting to repeat mistakes my parents made.

I will look into some family therapy to deal with the inevitable issues. I want nothing more for him than the best life for my son. I have and will always take your advice and not invite any new men into his life. I have been single and will remain that way until he is raised and out of the home. I will continue to work nights, so I can be his mommy during the day, and I will also be homeschooling. I have you to thank for these decisions. Thank you for all you do!

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