Admitting Reality
January 11, 2018
Admitting Reality

Unfortunately, I have made several decisions I've regretted, but the biggest is not admitting to myself, let alone the world, that I was gay until I was 34. I kept up the denial hoping to one day marry a nice woman and have kids. It was after talking to you I realized I couldn't do that to a woman and I finally realized I had to admit reality. Now I have to find my way in life in a way I didn't plan for. I spent my entire adult life preparing for a family, but always put it off, I guess because I knew it was wrong. Facing reality and changing directions is very difficult, and I have a long way to go to figure out my place in my new world.

By the way, THANK YOU, Dr. Laura for the help you've given me. It may be difficult, but I'm much relieved to be able to be open and honest with myself and my family. You helped me remove that burden, and I'm very thankful.


Posted by Staff at 10:57 AM