April 2, 2011
Former Fraidy Cat!

Dear Dr. Mother Laura,

How I wish I had made the call to you ten years ago!

I am the gal who called you this week wanting your advice on whether or not I should attend an upcoming family reunion. You may recall I was very hesitant to go because of an older brother who molested me when I was 5 would also be there.

You told me to stop running and hiding. You told me to start acting like a grown woman and told me to quit acting as if I were so fragile. Best advice I have ever been given because it will likely help me rewrite my future. I did exactly as you said and immediately called him as soon as I hung up with you!

When I dialed his number I realized how right you were, my heart pounding out of my chest I faced the fact it was indeed fear that had kept me from doing this. Other than a letter 8 years prior, stating I forgave him, I had never faced this. After the letter I became more fearful I suppose, more fearful he was willing to pretend it never happened, more fearful he was too proud to ever admit wrong and apologize. So I went all these years thinking if he wasn't willing to say he was sorry then he did not deserve to be around me or to be a part of my life.

I called him and let him know I would be coming to the reunion but first would like an apology. He stated he had apologized about 10 years ago. A few minutes into the call he admitted to being very vague in his apology and that it was also delivered to me at a time when I was very upset and emotional about something completely unrelated to this wrongdoing. He also does not recall the letter.

He proceeded to apologize for not having been specific and then came the specific apology for the molestation. It was more sincere than I ever imagined and he even offered to speak in front of the whole family at the reunion of his act ions. I assured him that would not be necessary, he had only needed to speak the words to me.

I wasted many years of watching his precious children grow practically into adults but I know the next 10 years, thanks to you, can be different! No more missed milestones for us all, no more frustration, no more running and hiding!

But best of all, you and I agreed after you helping me with this ONE more thing, I'd be perfect!  So gee, when you need that poster child... you know my number...because it's all feeling pretty perfect to me!


You're truly my hero!



Posted by Staff at 12:31 AM