March 31, 2011
Life's Synchronicities

Dr. Laura,


I sent the following e-mail to all in my address book but I just think you can reach more on this very important matter and I would appreciate it if you could at least share the information. Thank you, Debbie.

I need to tell my story and would appreciate it if you would forward this to all the lady friends or loved ones you know who have ladies they care about. It could save their life. I am sending this to everyone in my address book....I am not looking for sympathy, I am only trying to help. I will be fine. I just want to try to help others with this and I know God is caring for me.

I am in the insurance business. During the months of November and December, I am extremely busy assisting folks with their Medicare questions and changes. In December a lady and her husband were in my office discussing Medicare and when they were about to leave, she decided to tell me her story about breast cancer. She said she always had her mammograms and one day she found a 6 cm lump on the side of her breast. She had stage 4 cancer. The doctors told her to make her final arrangements. She told them they don't get to make that decision, it was up to her Lord. She found a doctor who believed her when she said she wanted to live and it was God's will for her to live.  This doctor treated her with chemo, radiation, the works. She never had to have surgery, the tumor disappeared. She went through a lot of torture with the treatment but she knew it could be beat. When she finished the story, she looked at me point blank and said, "You know mammograms don't read the sides, don't you?" No, I didn't. This was a week after I had had a mammogram. From that point on, I checked, almost daily. Two weeks ago, I found a lump. It was thought to be a cyst and the doctor tried to excise it and there was no fluid and took a needle biopsy. It was malignant.

Had I not been checking, this could have gone on for years. Please, ladies, husbands of ladies and daughters who you care about, check yourself constantly on the sides especially if you have mammograms. The doctor tells me mammograms miss 15% of all tumors. Don't let it go on.

My story will end well. I caught it early and I have surgery this week and probably just radiation. It all depends on whether the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes. Don't wait and let your story NOT end well. God sent this lady to me and I believe He wants me to tell my story to save you or someone you care about.



Posted by Staff at 11:00 PM