Raising Them With Values
November 20, 2018
Raising Them With Values

I am a thirty-three-year-old wife and stay-at-home mom to four children ranging in age from 4 to 9.  I'm beginning to feel like a mythical creature in a generation of "me" monsters, a generation that was raised to be self-absorbed, vain, and impatient. We're raising our children to be functioning, well-adjusted members of society with morals and values, and teaching them to stand up for what is right even though "right" is constantly ridiculed and "wrong" is applauded and accepted.

My nine-year-old son is at the age where he is embarrassed by his mother.  My husband took our son aside and told him that he needed to appreciate and respect having a mom who cared.  He needed to show me that he was grateful for me and to cut out the "I'm too cool for a mom" attitude.  My son apologized and now he gives me a hug (even in unpopular places) and tells me thanks.  I'm grateful for a husband who, even though he grew up with a mother who didn't care, is man enough to show his son how to respect his mother.  My son has even said, "I hope I can marry someone who will care for me and my kids like you do."  It made my mommy heart soar, making the endless piles of laundry, dishes, volunteering and shuttling well worth it.  My girls also say proudly "We want to be a mom like you when we grow up!"  

I hope there are other mythical creatures raising boys to be men for our girls to marry, and girls to be moms and loving wives for our boys to take care of.  Thanks for nagging the few of us who still care!


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