October 21, 2010
Melting His Stress
IconDr. Laura- My husband called me yesterday stressed out about up coming bills. My first thought was, well what have YOU been spending all the money on? Then I had a Dr. Laura moment and just told him we could talk about it when he got home. When he arrived home I greeted him at the door with an ice cold beer and a hug. I told him how proud I was of how he provided for me and our child and then I gave him a plan of all the ways we could cut costs. I told him I would do my part by cooking budget friendly meals and not buying anything outside of what we NEED. Then I packed him his lunch for the next day (as I usually do) and put a note in it to tell him again how proud I was of how he provided for his family. I saw all his stress disappear and that gave me great pleasure. I could have easily made his stress worse, but I choose not to. Thank you for always being that little voice inside my head. It usually keeps me out of trouble. B.

Posted by Staff at 8:12 PM