The Value Of Shame
December 7, 2015
The Value Of Shame

Dr. Laura:

Since the 1960s, I've watched our society go from intact two-parent families to one-parent families and shack ups.  I can't remember any daycare centers and never remember not being with my mother in my early childhood.  I once ate a bottle of baby aspirin because I liked the taste.  My mother told me that I swallowed 37 aspirins.  When I asked her how she knew I had already eaten them, she said that she always opened the bottle and counted the pills and then subtracted the number of pills she gave me when she had to.   My experience was typical in a society that acknowledged the value of marriage and the importance of the family unit.  I think the seemingly irreversible downfall came when we lost the value of shame.  I think the healthy dose of shame that was taught to my parents gave my sister and me a good and safe upbringing!

Today, we no longer are allowed to expect people to be the best they can be.  The institution of motherhood has been devalued by supposed advocates for women.  Apart from your program, I don't see anyone who has the courage to accurately judge the subversion of our culture or to resurrect the boundaries that shame helped to contain for so long.  Keep up the good work Dr. Laura!

With admiration,


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