Good Guys Are Starting to Ask, 'Why Bother.'
October 31, 2011
Good Guys Are Starting to Ask, 'Why Bother.'

Dr. Laura.

Regarding your opening comments about women's attraction to 'bad guys': We 'good guys' eventually become more than a little bit misogynistic when we see our 'bad' brethren basically having their way.....over and over and over again......with women, while we often become neglected, and taken for granted, in our relationships. It's always been said, "Good guys finish last," but, frankly, I think it's never been truer than it is today.

Women who act this way do so at their own peril, in my opinion. It's becoming more and more apparent that ALL guys are losing more and more respect for women everyday. The bad boys never viewed them as being more than sexual objects and we good guys question whether or not staying true to the traditional values and mores is even worth it anymore. Food for thought.



Posted by Staff at 2:32 PM