Sticking To My Vows
January 11, 2018
Sticking To My Vows

Dr. Laura:

I turned 53 in December and I think I finally have this husband thing down!  We did something stupid almost 25 years ago - we got married after only knowing each other for only eight months.  It was rocky at times; more than once, I felt like walking out.  But we made vows, so I did my part and stuck it out.  My husband could have left too, and he didn't.

Then I started treating him with more respect, and let him know that his thoughts and feelings mattered to me.  I told him how much I appreciate the hard work he does.  Then I finally learned how to put him above other family members.  I have an aunt who asked to "borrow" some money, but I knew her problem was a need to prioritize her spending better, and not one of true desperation.   I didn't even have to ask my husband because I knew he'd say no.  I carefully weighed my decision and decided it was my husband who was my priority, not my aunt.  

Please keep on encouraging women to treat their men like gold.  Since doing that, I've been able to transform our relationship from dire to delightful.  

Your fan,


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