6 Bad Mistakes Even Good Parents Make
February 14, 2018
6 Bad Mistakes Even Good Parents Make

Despite what we may see on social media, there is no such thing as a perfect parent. Even the "World’s Best Dad" has flaws and "Supermom" can’t escape the laws of gravity. Here are 6 common mistakes parents make:

  1. Bribing. Maybe you’re tired, fed up, or simply want things to be easier. However, bribes don’t work - they only accentuate and add longevity to the problem. Your child figures out quite quickly that if he/she keeps acting bratty, he/she is going to get something. A bribe in life, much less in parenting, is something you do from a position of weakness. Stop it cold turkey. If you taper off, you only inspire your kid to up the ante.

  2. Ignoring misbehavior. If you’re in public and your child misbehaves, don’t ignore it. Whether it’s at a restaurant or in the grocery store, remove your kid from the situation.

  3. Yelling. Screaming, smacking, or threatening kids doesn’t work when they’re out of control. They’re most likely hungry, tired, frustrated, or bored. When you yell, you only add to the pressure, frustration, and confusion.

  4. Criticizing. If all you do is criticize, your child will stop listening altogether. Instead of criticizing when your kids are doing something wrong, compliment the hell out of them when they’re doing something right. That leaves a much more lasting impression.

  5. Overreacting. When we’re tired, frustrated, disappointed or hurt about something, we tend to overreact, and a lot of times, we take it out on our kids. Walk away, calm down, and come back when you can say whatever you need to say with a nice tone.

  6. Nagging. If you have to tell anyone 50 times to do something, you’re definitely not coming from a position of authority. Granted, most of the time you nag because you’re worried about something worth caring about, such as eating vegetables or brushing teeth. Yet, too many parents nag without even considering how it affects their kids. Be creative and have fun with chores and other responsibilities. Don’t make parenting a trial by fire all of the time.

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