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Call of the Day Podcast: I'm Trapped In a Negative Mindset

By Dr. Laura on March, 25 2022
Call of the Day Podcast: I'm Trapped In a Negative Mindset

Andrew says he's paralyzed by his negative self-image and isn't enjoying his life.


Dr. Laura: "Let your inner beauty shine. "

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I’m not sure if you remember my call, but I called you yesterday (08 March) regarding lifelong issues I’ve had regarding my body image and obsession with my weight. I just wanted to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you from the bottom of heart because you really made me see things so differently, as deep down I knew that you would.

First of all, your advice to me was to focus on showing people my real self and who I am as a person and what value I bring to other people apart from my outward appearance. At first, I was a little disappointed, because when I called, I had the expectation that we’d psychoanalyze me to “get to the bottom” of why I was experiencing what I had been for most of my life. But you didn’t do that. You told me that whatever had happened to me in the past didn’t matter anymore and that it was a waste of time to try to analyze myself.

After the call, I spent all afternoon, last night, and this morning really thinking about your advice and it occurred to me that for most of my life, my loved ones, friends and people in general have always complimented me on how kind I am, how soft-hearted and how helpful I am. Up until now, I’d never really taken those compliments to heart and I didn’t really value and appreciate them; instead I was so focused and preoccupied by how I placed my own value on my outward appearance.

It then hit me like a lightning bolt that I have been so ungrateful and unappreciative toward those people because I didn’t really appreciate or even acknowledge what they really saw in me. The people around me have always told me how valued I was based on those qualities, but I chose to ignore it and only focus instead on something so trivial and temporal.

I wouldn’t have been able to realize this without your insight, and for that I am truly grateful to you. Instead of wasting my life beating myself up about my appearance and dwelling on trivial things that don’t really matter, what you helped me to realize has given me a new lease on life to be even kinder and more helpful towards others so that I can live up to those compliments that I’ve received.

I know that you often get a lot of flak in the media and by people for being blunt and for not coddling people in their problems; but thinking back to my call, I’m so glad and appreciative that you didn’t coddle me because I wouldn’t have been able to reach the insight that I did.

I’m now determined to be happy in life by being even more kind to others and to focus on how I can help and uplift other people. After I die, I want to be remembered for my kindness and helpfulness.

Thank you again for your invaluable wisdom. You really are a treasure.



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