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Email of the Day: A Letter to Our Son as He Graduated College

By Dr. Laura on March, 30 2021
Email of the Day: A Letter To Our Son As He Graduated College

We wrote this letter to our son upon his graduation from college late last year:


Congratulations on your graduation! We are proud of you and you should feel good about that accomplishment. While you did a lot of work and put in a great deal of time, there are many who helped you along the way. We stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before who helped us in seen and unseen ways.


We suspect you are full of relief, apprehension, anxiety, and excitement about your uncharted future. Your job now is to get a job and create cash flow while you grow and develop professionally. Bring more to the hour worked than you are paid, as you build your professional relationships and you will always do well. Prioritize people over technology. Continue to learn, read, study, and improve yourself.


Now that you’ve graduated, we’ve closed out your account at the local bank. Until now, you’ve had credit and other financial resources at the family savings and loan. Since you’re now on your own, we’ll make a final transfer from the family account to your account as “seed money.” Plant it wisely and cultivate it versus squandering it. Make the most of this golden opportunity, as when it’s gone, there will be no more funds to draw upon.


We love you, son, so go get your future! It’s out there – all you have to do is make it happen.


Love, Mom & Dad

P.S., Our son DID get a job, and he is starting to build his life on his own.

A Letter To Our Son As He Graduated College



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