Email of the Day: A Pleasant Surprise From My Kids’ School Librarian

By Dr. Laura on March, 2 2022
Email of the Day: A Pleasant Surprise From My Kids’ School Librarian

My husband and I have twin boys, and we recently moved to a state that had a lower cost of living and good public schools (the public and private schools where we lived before were terrible). For three years, we drove by the boys’ future elementary school, telling them “that’s where you’ll be starting kindergarten soon.” They were enrolled and excited and knew many of the neighborhood kids that would be going there too. However, a few weeks before school started, I saw in Facebook parent groups negative postings about the school and the principal regarding lack of homework, student discipline and catering to parents with ill-behaved children. We were spinning! So, we decided we had to get them into a different school. We were fortunate to find a local parochial school that had open spots, and we enrolled them there.


The first days didn’t go well, as the boys didn’t understand why they were suddenly going to a different school than the one they envisioned for three years, and they knew no one but each other. But we got through it. I also volunteer at their school, and on Valentine’s Day I was helping out in the library, overhearing the librarian read the kids a story. She told them it was a story written by Dr. Laura Schlessinger, called “Why Do You Love Me?” She explained that you were very good at helping people understand relationships and you gave people help when they needed it. I have never heard the kids so engaged with a book that she has read to them. They loved it!


I didn’t know if the public school they didn’t go to would have read those kids your book, or if the library there even had a copy of it, but the fact that our school did have it, made me happy, and solidified our opinion that this school will be a fantastic partner in helping steer these kids in the right direction.



A Pleasant Surprise From My Kids’ School Librarian



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