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Email of the Day: A Thank You From My Future Children

By Dr. Laura on May, 20 2021
Email of the Day: A Thank You From My Future Children

I am 25 years old and have a beautiful vision for my future that includes a big happy family, a lifelong marriage, and at least a dozen grandchildren. Many of my friends are already divorced and raising children on their own. I knew early on that taking a patient and wise approach would pay off.


You confirmed this for me and taught me probably the most important lesson of my life -- how to love my children well before they even exist. You taught me to love my children by choosing wisely and treating kindly - so that they will not have to experience divorce like I did. My future husband will be a lucky guy due to how you've helped shape me.


You taught me to develop a code of values and morals for myself - so I can choose someone who shares those values - and we can raise our children in a household that harvests strong character.


You taught me to think about my career in the long term, and helped me to choose a career that will allow me to be primarily a full-time parent.


You taught me to take care of myself and prioritize nutrition, a concept I knew nothing about. Through this, I will not only be able to teach my children great nutrition from the start, but I will ensure that I am there for my children, healthy and alive, for many, many years.


In a society that values impulse, you taught me patience and foresight. I can only hope that a few decades down the road when my future children are grown and making their own big decisions about life, they too will thank you for what you taught their mother and what she taught them.



A Thank You From My Future Children




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